Error: QuickBooks Already Has A Company File – [Resolved]

You were trying to open a company file, but you got an error saying “QuickBooks already has a Company file open’? Well, you can’t resume using QuickBooks until this error is resolved. Our this blog is dedicated to you all who are stuck with this error and are clueless about how to proceed.

So here we enlist the best solutions that are sure to resolve this error.

Solution 1

If there is any ‘folder permission’ issue, you must open the company file directly from the QuickBooks Desktop. By opening the company file directly from the QB Desktop, you are most likely to get rid of this error.

Solution 2

Rename the .NLD and .TLG files that accompany QuickBooks company file. In case, the .NLD and .TNG files are damaged, rename them both. Why? Well, renaming these files will aid in opening the company file.

Solution 3

If the above mentioned methods didn’t help, try renaming the company file with a name having not more than three characters (example – ger). However, make sure to not change the file extension.

Solution 4

Another way to deal this error is to prevent QuickBooks from opening automatically. In case there are multiple windows opened in the company files, prevent all of them from being opened on their own.

Solution 5

You should also check the Properties and File Extension of QuickBooks company file.The size of the file must Be at least 7MB. If the size is less than that, it means that the file you are trying to open is a compressed version of the actual company file.

Solution 6

In case your QuickBooks company file is saved in the network drive, you must transfer it to the local drive of your computer which you are using at present. If the local file opens, troubleshoot the configuration of the network. Now, download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

All the above mentioned solutions are valid; it depends on the reason behind the error that is causing the error. But if a damaged QBW file is causing the problem, you will have to use a repairing software or you can contact the official QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1866-656-1012 toll-free.