How To Rebuild QuickBooks Data Files

Verify Data and Rebuild Data are two most advantageous QuickBooks built-in utilities for its users. While Verify Data identifies the most common data issues whereas Rebuild Data resolves the data integrity problems found by Verify Data. In this blog, we tell you the reasons that lead to corruption and data damage in QuickBooks company files. Most importantly, we also tell you the step-by-step procedure of how to Rebuild the QuickBooks data file with the use of Rebuilt Utility.

The following are the most common reasons that lead you to use Verify and Rebuild utilities.

  • The occurrence of Errors while using QuickBooks
  • When all accounts are not displayed in the balance sheet
  • When the ‘Payments to Deposit’ sections display the payments that have already been deposited.
  • When you run data checkups to ensure file doesn’t have any error
  • When the transactions are either missing or displayed inaccurately in the window

How To Verify And Rebuild QuickBooks Data Files

Firstly you need to use Verify utility to let it identify the data issues. To do the same, carry out the following steps on QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Click on File, and then on Utilities
  • Now, take the cursor to Verify Data and click on it. After the process is complete, you will see one of the following messages displayed on your screen.
  • If it shows, “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data,” no subsequent action is needed.
  • If it shows, “Your data has lost integrity,” you will need to Rebuild Data by carrying out the following steps.

But if you see any other error message, get in touch with us to instantly solve the issue.

To Rebuild The Data:

  • Open QuickBooks, and click on File.
  • Select Utilities and then click on Rebuild Data
  • A dialog box containing a warning will appear for backing up the file, click on OK because in rare cases the Rebuild process may require to delete transactions or list entries to fix the file. A backup copy will ensure you have your company file before any sort of changes are made to it.
  • Now, select the location where you would want to save your backup and click on OK.

(Note: If the backup fails, click on Cancel at the Rebuild prompt and you can seek additional assistance from us).

  • Once the Rebuild process finishes, click on Ok.

Repeat the above-mentioned steps, and verify the data, and check if there are still any issues. If there are, you can repeat the Rebuild Utility process and if you still face the same issue then we recommend you to connect with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012.

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